Children are allowed to have bare feet with ANY of the uniforms.

If they want to wear closed shoes to school then they have to wear the LONG track suit pants. If they get hot they can take off the long pants and also their shoes and socks and then just wear their shorts.

(Shorts are only allowed with bare feet or black sandals)

WINTER UNIFORM: Boys and Girls

Tracksuit top (zipped) and tracksuit long pants.

Blue PT top with 2 buttons closed

GREY SOCKS and black closed shoes

Rain jackets, Navy Blue scarves, gloves and beanies may be worn to school but not in the classrooms.

All girls hair must be neat and tidy and tied up with Navy Blue ties.

OPTIONS with Winter school uniform:

- Long sleeved navy school jersey

- Sleeveless navy Durbanville jersey / pull-over

- A short or long sleeved white vest may be worn but it may NOT stick out around the neck or arm area and it must be worn with a long sleeved jersey or tracksuit top. At no time may a long sleeved vest stick out of the blue PT shirt. Children may rather take it off when they get warm.

- Shorts under their tracksuit pants.


Navy Shorts with long grey socks and black shoes.

Dresses with long grey socks.

Black stockings for girls


Different coloured hair accessories


Girls and Boys - Navy Blue shorts, Blue PT Shirt (2 buttons always buttoned), Black sandals or bare feet.

Girls: School dress and black sandals or SHORT WHITE SOCKS with black closed shoes.(The WHITE in the dress goes with the short WHITE socks)