Lessons by our teacher, Marga Jonker:

Xhosa:  I'm learning EzemiThambo, LO, PT on Tinycards!


I'm learning Xhosa ukufunda, ikota 1, Kwindla on Tinycards!



I'm learning Numbers, ukubala,1,2,3.... on Tinycards!



Sizokubala, Ons gaan tel, Let us count, 1,2,3...


Take a look at the story I made:




Lesson Molo Molweni:  https://voice.adobe.com/a/4XkRR/

Lesson 2 Hamba/ Sala ka-kuhle: https://voice.adobe.com/a/aMO6d/

Lesson 2 (cont) : Hamba kakuhle, titshalakazi Jonker:  https://voice.adobe.com/a/bLxLO/

Revision/Hersien/Khumbula: https://voice.adobe.com/a/YJwqG/

Parents'Lesson Guide 1:  https://voice.adobe.com/a/JVrJL/

I've got a story to tell: 3. Usapho lwam, My family,  My familie:  https://voice.adobe.com/a/4X90R/

I've got a story to tell: Molweni nonke, sung by Grade 3: https://voice.adobe.com/a/8Z0eK/

I've got a story to tell: Usapho luthanda inja nekati:  https://spark.adobe.com/video/BJGMhLWX

I've got a story to tell: Big 5/Zizinkhulu ezi5:  Big 5/Zizinkhulu ezi5

I've got a story to tell: Mondeling/Oral/Ukuncokola: https://spark.adobe.com/video/roYaDhkXp4OTF

I've got a story to tell: Oral voucabulary, Mondeling woordeskat, Amazwi wencoko:


I've got a story to tell: Ubuso, gesig, face