The Grade 2’s had their very own VOTING DAY today. There were 5 parties that they could choose from:



  1. Crazy Kids Team
  2. Kids of the Future
  3. Rock ‘n Roll Team
  4. Cool Kids Rule Team
  5. The Dream Team

These 5 parties presented their parties values and promises (for a better school) to the rest of the Grade 2’s.

The children assembled in the hall where they first listened to all the parties giving their election speeches. They then lined up with their very own passports in hand to go and cast their votes. An ‘election officer’ checked and stamped their passports and made an indelible black mark on their thumbs. They were given a ballot paper and went to the Voting Booth where they made their ‘X’ next to the party that they chose. These votes were then cast in a Ballot Box.

The votes were counted and we are proud to say that the Cool Kids Rule Team were the winners.

Their slogan was: Vote for Caleb – he’s the one! Give him your vote – he’ll get things done.

They promised the following:

- A huge BIG slippery slide at school

- A Movie Theatre at school

- A Chocolate Fountain in EVERY classroom

- A petting zoo on the playground

- An Ice-Skating Rink at school

- All kids would be allowed to bring their J-Boards to school every day.

The KIDS OF THE FUTURE were chosen as the opposing party.

Their slogan was: Cast your Ballot… Have you heard…. Danielle for Leader… Spread the Word

They promised the following:

  • The children would be allowed to invent all sorts of cool things at school like Robots and Flying Cars.
  • EVERY child would do all their work and homework on IPADS.
  • There would be tree houses and zip lines all around the school.

WELL DONE to the winning PARTY!