From left to right. Heinrich Andrag who plays the part of the older Simba, Francis Briers who plays the part of the evil Scar, Lesley Greenwood - Producer, Sarah Green who plays the part of older lioness Nala, Elmarie Hendrikse - Producer and Ruby-Rose Cochrane who plays the part of the self-reliant and fast talking meerkat Timon.

ROARR was produced and directed by Lesley Greenwood and Elmarie Hendrikse. They have been working on the school's productions for the past 15 years and this is definitely one of the highlights throughout the school's history.

Roarr is based on the story of the Lion King but many new songs have been added to enhance the story.
The lights and choreography are all done by the staff of Durbanville Prep and people come from far and wide to see this amazing production.

Ons wil vir elke onderwyser dankie sê dat hul met soveel energie, kreatiwiteit en ‘n positiewe gesindheid elke jaar daarin slaag om ons skool se talent so ten toon te stel!   Dit wil gedoen wees.